Cover Crazy: So Silver Bright by Lisa Mantchev

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A eastern-European ballerina. That's the first thing I thought when I saw the cover. The bodice looks like detailing you'd find on a wedding dress, but the length is something a ballerina would wear for a performance. The drapes look royal and theatrical. I love her silver hair, black nail polish and the black rose ring. The freckles on her cheeks add youthfulness to her face.

I'll add it to my collection of book covers that I'm thinking of framing, side by side in one big frame, like a collage.

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  1. This cover is just so enchanting. I love the dress, the details and the way the picture looks real, but its not a photograph. The pixie light creatures holding up her dress spark my curiosity. The reserved almost scared look on the young girl's face has also caught my attention. Her hand is placed over her heart and it bars a couple of different rings, I'm drawn to the black flower-like one.

    Great choice, I do believe this is one of my most coveted covers I've seen lately.



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