Cover Crazy: Vanish by Sophie Jordan & Ash by Malinda Lo

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I love the gleam in her reptile eyes, iridescent skin, glowing angelic hair and flawless complexion.

The i, dotted with a flame and the tail-like curls also match up with the subject matter.

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This is the UK paperback edition and the first thing I thought when I saw it was that the story has something to do with Cinderella because of the glass slippers in her hands. The somewhat creepy glow and gloomy woods adds mystery.

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  1. I love the cover for Vanish! It's just so pretty and iridescent like you said. I like the eyes especially, and the scales around them.

  2. I also enjoyed this cover reveal of vanish. its so pretty and enticing. absolutley goes well with the series!
    good choice. I have also seen the cover for Ash and it think its really cute and magical in a way. reminds of like an alice in wonderland cover if she were a brunette.

    here what cover i am crazy for this week

  3. This is an excellent book. Very suspenseful and mysterious. I have never liked to read but when I read fire light I was hooked. I read vanish in 2 days and fire light in1 day. Now I'm starting hidden. If your a thrill seeker this Novel is an excellent choice.

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