My Most Read Authors

On Goodreads there is a category on the "my books" page called "most read authors". I thought I had a pretty good idea who would top the list, but I was wrong.

J.D. Robb & Susan Mallery

I didn't realized I'd read so many books by Susan Mallery, but I might of guess J.D. Robb because I just recently started reading her In Death series and I'm addicted. She's probably going to stay #1 for a while because I haven't even read half of the series.

Allison Brennan

She was one of the first Mystery & Thrillers I read and I plan on reading more of her work. I plan on reading the first in her new Lucy Kincaid series soon.

Robyn Carr

Virgin River was one my first contemporary romance series. My favourite thing about this series is when you get to check up on what the regulars are doing.

Nora Roberts aka J.D. Robb

How does she have time for a life. She's written so many books and shows no signs of stopping. I hope it stays that way.

Charlaine Harris

I read all the Sookie Stackhouse books back to back about a week before the TV show started because I was afraid I'd see a commercial which would ruin the plot for the books. What I didn't know is that the show is apparently only loosely based on the books. I took a break after I read them because my eyes hurt. They were my first ebooks.

Lara Adrian & Rachel Vincent

The Midnight Breed was my first adult paranormal romance series and is my favourite. I've read and listened to the audiobooks in both English and German. Usually a lot gets lost in translation, but that isn't the case with this series. I hoped it never ends.

Rachel Vincents' Soul Screamers series is one of my favourite YA series. I don't think there are any other books about bean sidhe (banshee) on the market, which makes the series stand out. She has a new series coming out this year called Unbound. She explains it on her blog.

Stephenie Meyer

So far, I've only read the Twilight Saga including Midnight Sun, but I do plan on reading her book, The Host.

Karen Rose

Another author that I only recently started reading. Her books are a mixture of crime, mystery, thriller and romance.

Richelle Mead

I'm currently reading the last in her Vampire Academy series. I'll be sorry to see it end. She also has other series I plan on checking out.

Melissa de la Cruz

I read the first four books in her Blue Bloods series, but never really got into it. The thing I loved the most about it was when she mention Montserrat in Masquerade, but from the description I doubt it was based on the actually island, seeing that there's a active Volcano and it isn't the go-to place for fashion shoots.

Thanks to The Story Siren for bringing this new feature on Goodreads to my attention.

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