Naked In Death by J.D. Robb

Naked In Death by J.D. Robb
Release Date: July 1, 1995
Publisher: Berkley
Series: In Death
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Eve Dallas is a New York police lieutenant using her instincts to hunt for a ruthless killer. And she’s going against every warning telling her not to get involved with Roarke, an Irish billionaire—and a suspect in Eve’s murder investigation. But passion and seduction have rules of their own.

If I combined the Fifth Element and Law & Order, this book is what I'd imagine. The futuristic aspects aren’t as overwhelming as previous books that I've read, it just adds to the dynamics. Both of the main characters have strong personalties, which I predict will make things more interesting as the series continues. Roarke is a cocky Irish millionaire with a criminal history (picturing Colin Farrell) and Eve is a efficient Lieutenant with very few close relationships because of her childhood. She comes off cold to people, but in fact cares a lot about seeking justice, while trying to leave her past behind her. From what I read about the series, every book involves a different crime, but revolves around Eve and Roarke's developing relationship. I love the idea of reading a series involving the same couple. You become more investing in the relationship because you know them and that will make it more realistic seeing them go through (I predict) highs and lows. I was hesitant, but excited about starting a series that has over 30 books in it. After reading this book I can't wait to read them all.

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  1. +JMJ+

    I've read five or six books in this series. What I like about the futuristic setting is that it is neither a utopia nor a dystopia--that is, not trying to be some sort of satire--and that we can still see our own world in it. What I don't like so much is that the author is very political--and her politics aren't really my own. =P



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