Cover Crazy: Honalee by Amanda Hocking

Hosted by The Book Worms

I love the the girl/witch with pale pink streaks in her hair. Is she a real person or CGI?

The unfocused background draws your attention to the little details - (what appear at first to be) flowers and a spiderweb.

I thought the bright lights around the latern were just that, light - if you look closer, there actually dragonflies as well as the purple light shining at the end of the knot in her dress.

I'm not 100% sure what those purple creatures in the right lower corner which I thought were flowers are. They look like butterflies to me.

The cover makes me think of halloween. A magical and mystical day.


  1. Ohhhh, I love this cover!! Why have I not heard of this book yet??? :)

  2. amanda hockings covers are always so nice. this one is very enchanting. i love it!

  3. Gorgeous cover and great choice for this week! I agree that this cover is quite enchanting and dreamy.



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