Cover Crazy: Plötzlich Fee - Sommernacht by Julie Kagawa

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This is the German cover for The Iron King. While the fourth book in the series is coming out in November, the first hasn't even been released in Germany yet. It's situations like this that make me stop and think about how many great books (that I've read or have yet to read) aren't or might never be translated. English is #3 out of ten on the list of languages with more than 100 million native speakers. What about everyone else?

Word for word translation:
Sudden(ly) Fairy - Summer Night

I love all the colours and that the lashes are leaves with buds and blossoming flowers. It makes me think of spring with its green grass, awakening flowers, fresh air, cool breeze and warmth after a long winter.

The font is what I'd call the Princess font. It's what you'd see on a sign a girl would hang on her door letting everybody know what she is, just in case they missed the obvious.


  1. Oh wow what a beautiful and very different cover. I love how you explained things we Americans wouldn't always understand - thanks!

  2. This is such a beautiful cover.

  3. Thank you for posting a translation in English so I could understand your thoughts! Sadly, I know no German despite the fact that my ancestors are from Germany.

    I love this cover, so, so much. It's even more gorgeous than the US covers. I wish these were our covers. It's BEAUTIFUL and I can't stop staring!!!

  4. I love the bright colors, but I don't like the grass replacing her lashes. It creeps me out a little! Princess font is a good description. I like the pretty swirls of the font.



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