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Where Do I Belong? (Helen's Song) by DemiGoddess

I’m so alone at home
everything feels cold as stone
when white turns into black
lonelyness a side effect

Looking for the reason why
looking for a way that’s mine
afflicted by the doubts of time
should I really walk the line

Looking through that broken glass
where’s my future where’s my past

Where do I belong
is there something wrong
where do I belong
where do I come from
there is something wrong
where do I belong

I close my eyes to see
if there’s something wrong with me
is there something in my soul
did I loose control

Walking through the barricades
looking for the brighter days
scars will stay, but time will past
how long will this nightmare last

Looking through that broken glass
everything moves way too fast

Where do I belong …

Fly with me, let our wings split the night
cry with me, may our tears clear up our sight
fly with me

Where do I belong …

Frontwoman Vera (22) is from Hamburg, plays the electric guitar, sings and has been attending University for a Bachelor of Arts since April this year in Essen. Bassist Merri (22) was born in Bosnia and grew up in Germany. She's studying Drama and has already been on several TV shows. Miriam (25) is the only one of the three that has her education behind her: the Rock fan is a trained drummer, but also knows how to play the piano and a little guitar.

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