Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler

Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler
Release Date: March 8, 2011
Publisher: Flux
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Star basketball player Chelsea “Nitro” Keyes had the promise of a full ride to college—and everyone’s admiration in her hometown. But everything changed senior year, when she took a horrible fall during a game. Now a metal plate holds her together and she feels like a stranger in her own family.

As a graduation present, Chelsea’s dad springs for a three-week summer “boot camp” program at a northern Minnesota lake resort. There, she’s immediately drawn to her trainer, Clint, a nineteen-year-old ex-hockey player who’s haunted by his own traumatic past. As they grow close, Chelsea is torn between her feelings for Clint and her loyalty to her devoted boyfriend back home. Will an unexpected romance just end up causing Chelsea and Clint more pain—or finally heal their heartbreak?

Chelsea use to be the type of girl that would never let anything bring her down – very athletic and just full of life. She was the star in her family, classmates and the rest of the town's eyes. They all knew she would achieve great things in basketball. All of that's over because of an injury she'd been ignoring and a spilt cup of soda.

Gabe is the sweetest guy – which is a compliment and a complaint. He's that one in a million guy that has probably wanted to meet his wife since high school and ends up being the only one of his friends that isn't married because he's just too perfect. I can imagine how imperfect Chelsea felt next to him, especially after losing the life she'd planned.

Clint was also a star athlete and unlike Chelsea wasn't force to give it up, but no longer has the ambition to compete due to a traumatic event. He spends all his time working, not allowing himself to get close to anybody – existing and not really living. Then he meets Chelsea.

I was a little apprehensive because of the sport aspects, but it's not what the story is about. Chelsea and Gabe are two former athletes trying to move on to a life without the sport they dominated and the promising future they could of had. It's also about different types of love – the safe and comfortable type that you can always depend on or very passionate, but possibly fleeting that you'll remember forever.

I really didn't like the way Chelsea handled the situation with her boyfriend Gabe, but I got caught up in the attraction between her and Clint that I forgot about him then felt guilty when I did remember him. The relationship between Chelsea and Clint develops very fast, but again I was too caught up in the moments that I just wished it would move faster.

I enjoyed the realistic characters and setting – a summer vacation on a lake in the woods. It was a engrossing story told from alternating perspectives. Each chapters is named after a suitable basketball or hockey term – something different which I always enjoy. A great summer read.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this book! I've been wanting to read it for a while now, and it really does sound like a good summer read. :) Thanks for sharing your awesome review!!

  2. Thanks for your review:) I am looking for great new summer reads!



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