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What do I do when I'm not reading?

Huh, I don't understand the question :-)

I love music and there isn't a day that I don't listen to it. The iPod I have is my fourth because the size capacity of the older models were just too small and I have a lot of music to choose from. My taste varies minute to minute and I need the option to change. I could be listening to Adele, Gentleman or Paramore, then decide I want to rock out to Pachelbel's Canon in D.

I love Art (in it's many forms), Architecture (I've built my dream house a hundred time in my mind/on Sims 2 and it's different every time), Interior Design (a pillow is a small thing, but if you choose wrong, *gasp* you could throw off the whole room) and technology (learning about new gadgets and seeing how far we've come). I also watch TV like some, but lately I just don't know what to watch. Nothing really holds my attention like older shows use to. If I'm watching TV it will usually be a ATP tennis tournament. The WTA is not as exciting and it's unfair that they only have to play best of 3 sets, while the men play best of 5 in major tournaments and get the same prize money.


And before anybody who doesn't know Rafael Nadal says that he's just a body – let me say he's a very, very... (eyes wonder to the picture), what was I going to say. He's a great athlete. I admire his skills on the court and while he's a fighter on it, he's kinda shy off it.

I've wondered far off the topic here, but what a topic to wonder to, LOL.

How/Where do you get your books? Do you buy them or go to the library? Is there a certain website you use like paperbackswap?

I get most of my books online. I live in Germany and because the language is not English, books in other languages can be really expensive. That's why I prefer to order from online stores not in Germany despite the long delivery time. The price for the same book on Amazon DE is usually higher than on Amazon US. I can even buy 2 and in some cases 3 books from The Book Depository for the price of one English book on Amazon DE. The problem with The Book Depository is that I can't track the orders, so if they ever got lost, I couldn't prove I never received them. After that rant you would think books in German would be cheaper – nope. I've started to realize that books are just really expensive here, period. Just take the US price of a book and double or triple it.

I'd go to the library if that was possible, but I live in a small town and again... Germany. It wouldn't surprise me if I was the only person in the town who reads books in English and not for a school assignment. There is a more international city near by, so I might start looking for a library there because I need to find a cheaper alternative.

Hope everybody has a great weekend!!!


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  2. I love to listen to music as well. My Ipod is definitely not big enough, so I have to rotate my playlists often. :)

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  4. I love your answer for what you do when you're not reading!

    Also, ack! I knew you had a hard time getting books in English, but I didn't know it was that bad! And I'm also surprised the German books aren't a good price. What a bummer. :(

    On that note, I hope you have a great weekend!

    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  5. I’m seeing a pattern of book acquisition here. After all, there are just so many places to get books and so many different ways to read them.

    It’s hard to beat the library for price and selection but it’s even harder to beat the convenience of browsing BN or Amazon from a Nook or Kindle, hitting a button and reading the book you picked in about sixty seconds.

    As usual, my answer to this week’s Book Blogger Hop question is all over the map. Hop on over and read my multipart answer –

    Howard A. Sherman, Implementor

  6. Hopping through. I love Paramore. I feel sorry for people who want to read in English but live in non-English speaking countries. Makes it extra hard. Lucky for the Internet.
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