Ripple by Mandy Hubbard

Ripple by Mandy Hubbard
Release Date: July 21, 2011
Publisher: Razorbill
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For two years, I have not killed.

But tonight, I stand in the shadows behind a tree, watching as a boy skips rocks on the lake.

He shouldn’t be here.

Lexi is cursed with a dark secret. The water calls to her, draws her in, forces her to sing her deadly song to unsuspecting victims. If she succumbs, she kills. If she doesn’t, the pain is unbearable. To keep herself and those she cares about safe, she shuts herself off, refusing to make friends or fall in love—again. Because the last time she fell in love with a boy, he ended up dead.

Then Lexi meets Cole. Against her better judgement, she finds herself opening up again, falling in love when she knows she shouldn’t. But when she’s offered the chance to finally live a normal life, she learns that the price she must pay to be free of her curse is giving him up.

Lexi didn't know what she was until it was too late to save the boy she loved. In order to prevent the same thing from happening again she has ostracised herself — making everybody see her has the ice queen. On a particularly bad day, a boy from the group she use to be apart of named Cole starts talking to her. They're paired up together for a school project along with her ex-best friend/sister of the boy she killed. Now she's getting a glimpse ot the way her life use to be and starts becoming close to Cole — something she swore she'd never do again.

I only know the basics about the siren's mythology, but thought it was an interesting take on it. While I felt sorry for Lexi because of the curse and how alone she was, I never connected with her. Probably because of the matter-of-fact way she talks about her flawless beauty. Despite that, when things looked like they might change I was happy for her, even thought I didn't agree with the way she was handling the situation with Cole.

Cole is nice guy, but I kept wondering why it took him so long to talk to Lexi despite her ice queen reputation if he likes her as much as he does. It was their interaction that changed the situation for Lexi from being a social outcast and treating badly everyday to suddenly being back exactly where she was before the death she caused. What I'm trying to say is that if I liked somebody the way Cole does Lexi, I wouldn't be able to stand by and watch her be treated that way. I just felt he should of intervened earlier and not two years later.

Ripple was one of those books that I just planned on reading an excerpt to get a feel for the story, then putting it down and eventually reading it in the future. That excerpt turned into half of the book, which tells you how much I enjoyed the beginning. It lost a little bit of my attention towards the end when the pace slowed down at a time I felt the anticipation to the conclusion should be building. There was also a problem left unresolved that gave me a feeling of foreboding for Lexi's future. While I know a story can never be wrapped up neatly and wouldn't want it to be, this particular problem develops in the last few pages. It wouldn't surprise me if some thought because of this developing situation, there might be a sequel that as far as I know will never exist.

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  1. Great review, this one's on my TBR list, good to hear your thoughts on it!



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