Guest Post: T.M. Goeglein Talks with Sara Jane Rispoli + Giveaway

In anticipation of my soon-to-be published YA novel, Flicker & Burn (August 20th via G.P. Putnam's Sons/Penguin,) I decided to use this guest blog space (thanks Safari Poet!) to interview my ass-kicking protagonist, Sara Jane Rispoli.

It's never convenient to chat when you're on the run through the mean streets of Chicago. She allowed me five questions, and meant it. I'd be a fool to ask for more –

TMG: So, Sara Jane, you recently turned seventeen. Happy birthday.

SJR: Listen buddy, just because there wasn't a question mark on the end of that statement, it still counts. Anyway, but what's so damn happy about it? I'm supposed to be hanging out with friends and dating the boy I love, just like any other high school girl. Uh-uh. I'm either searching for my family, trying not to get busted by the Chicago mafia, or being chased down by these…things. Happy friggin' birthday to me.

TMG: I see what you mean. Um…what things?

SJR: I wish I knew. They look human but they're, like, genderless, and super thin… model-thin…with snow-white skin and blood red eyes. And they're strong. Way, way too strong. They want something from me and seem more than willing to crush my skull to get it. Every time I hear that tinkling music, my heart stops.

TMG: Tinkling music? And yes, that was a question.

SJR: You like ice cream? Who doesn't, right? I'll tell you who…me! Those freaks drive creepy black ice cream trucks, the ones that cruise neighborhoods selling icy treats to unsuspecting children. First the music starts, a scratchy Frank Sinatra tune, and then they come blasting out of nowhere, trying to run me down. I swear to God, I'll never eat ice cream again. Not even sorbet, whatever the hell that is.

TMG: You seem a little upset. Let's change the subject. How's it going with your boyfriend, Max Kissberg…and how's your best friend, Doug Stuffins?

SJR: That's two questions but I'll let it slide. I love Max, with all of my heart. In fact, I love him so much that I can't tell him the truth about my nightmare life because it would endanger his own. So I lie to him. I have to. But now he's seeing through some of those lies. It's not good, okay? In the meantime, there's this other guy, Tyler Strozzini. He's smart, hot, and he likes me and…I don't mind that he likes me. As for Doug, three simple words. Substance. Abuse. Problem.

TMG: Okay, final question. I read Flicker & Burn because, you know, I wrote it. It's the second book in a trilogy but it stands alone as a story…Cold Fury, Book I, is almost like a prequel. Anyway, it's all about you. While we're talking, why don't you tell everyone how Flicker & Burn ends?

SJR: All of the forces collide in a violent, sort of sexy mess…missing family, red-eyed freaks, Chicago organized crime, boyfriends, and…wait a minute. Did you hear that?

TMG: What? That tinkling music? Is that Frank Sinatra?

SJR: Gotta go…!

T. M. Goeglein began his career as a writer of print and television ads for a host of advertising and media companies. As a screenwriter, he created both original scripts and worked as a script doctor for several production companies in Los Angeles. He was an original contributor to the Huffington Post 'Living' section, and continues to write for both the national edition and Huffington Post Chicago. Click here to read T.M. Goeglein's stories on the Huffington Post.

His debut young adult novel, Cold Fury, which was published July 2012 by Penguin/Putnam Juvenile was named one of the best new YA lit series by Time Out Chicago Kids.

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  1. This looks so great! Thanks for sharing with us! I adore that cover as well.
    Books like this make me wonder whether the author had any influence from friends and family while writing it.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  2. Thanks so much for an amazing giveaway and post! I really enjoyed learning more about the author!! Flicker&Burn sounds like a great read and I sure do hope I win!!!!

  3. Thanks for the awesome post and giveaway! I'm really looking forward to read Flicker and Burn! :)

  4. What a fun post. Sara is one intense chick! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awesome post! I have and interview with TMG coming up in June :) Flicker and Burn was a fun read!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  6. Wonderful Interview, humorous with Sara Jane Rispoli. I enjoyed Cold Fury, looking forward to more Max and Tyler in Flicker and Burn. Love the title :D




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