Countdown Widgets

Here are the HTML codes for some of the widget I've made and you'll see on my blog or floating around. Feel free to grab the code and let people know what you're anticipating.

If a release date changes, I'll update the countdown, which automatically updates the widget on every blog. I might not know about the change right away, so tweet me and let me know.

If you'd like a widget for a book that isn't listed below, click here and vote for it!

The Heart of Betrayal


The Dead House (UK)

The Boy Most Likely To

Dream Things True

Queen of Shadows

The Glowing Knight

Everything, Everything

The Dead House

Ash & Bramble


Forever With You

Six of Crows

This Ordinary Life

The Rose Society

Carry On

Ice Like Fire


Ten Thousand Skies Above You


The Burning Hand

Inherit the Stars




The Black Knife

The Winner's Kiss


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